PRC Parents/Guardians

PRC is the only public school in the country providing services exclusively to deaf-blind children and youth. The school continues to be committed to providing education, therapy and support services to its students, so they develop their maximum level of independence. The Philip J. Rock Center and School is well respected nationally. It is "in step" with the state Learning Standards and utilizes evidence-based practices and continues to change with the times. Even though the incidence of Rubella has decreased, students learning with deaf-blindness due to a variety of conditions continue to need specialized services. PRC will continue to change with the times and provide innovative, evidence-based best practices.

Residential Placement Procedures

  1. Informal request for placement is received. Student’s eligibility is confirmed by the Illinois DeafBlind Project (ILDBP). PRC notifies Parents and Home District.
  2. Parent schedules a meeting with Executive Director to visit the PRC building and program. Home District is welcome to participate.
  3. Application for Consideration for Placement referral packet is provided to Parents and/or District by PRC Administrative Assistant. The packet will include the following components:
    • Application for Consideration of Placement Form.
    • Report of ophthalmological within the last year. If not available, most recent submitted and determination of adequacy made.
    • Report of audiological within the last year. If not available, most recent submitted and determination adequacy made.
    • All available medical records.
    • Current IEP
    • Immunization Records
    • Copy of Social Security Card
    • State I.D.
    • Copy of Birth Certificate
    • Insurance, if applicable
    • IIMC APH Parent Consent Form
  4. Completed packet will be reviewed by Administrative Assistant.
  5. The Executive Director will ask the nursing/medical department to review file to determine any medical contraindications to placement.
  6. Observation of the child will be conducted by at least one representative of PRC, at school (or at home, if child does not attend school). Observation should occur as soon as possible after receipt of complete Application for Consideration of Placement packet.
  7. Summary of information will be provided by deaf-blind specialist and may include the following:
    • Education activities, supports and routines
    • Daily living skills abilities and supports needed
    • Peer interactions and supports needed
    • Communication systems (including a communication dictionary)
    • Positive behavioral supports
    • Other relevant information as needed
  8. The Executive Director will review file with staff.
  9. The Executive Director will ensure residential positions are fully staffed prior to new students transitioning to PRC.
  10. The PRC Principal will work with the student's Home District to schedule IEP meeting to determine placement. Home District will send out Notification of Conference including relevant PRC staff determined by PRC Principal.
  11. A plan to transition the student to PRC residential is discussed at the IEP meeting.
  12. The Executive Director will ask the nursing/medical department to review file and support family in completing all required lab work at appropriate time prior to placement.
    • CBC (complete Blood Count)
    • Anticonvulsant Levels (if appropriate)
    • Hepatitis B surface Antigen (if not vaccinated)
    • HIV (age 16 and older)
    • Stool O & P (Ova & Parasite)
    • Immunizations must be up to date
    • TB Screen (One Step PPD or QuantiFERON)
    • Lead Levels (if the child is 6 years old or younger)
    • Any student-specific items deemed necessary by the medical director
  13. The family will complete and provide the following items. These are required for PRC admittance and school registration
    • School physical form filled out by parent, guardian and physician
    • Immunization record
  14. To help students adjust to their new school, it is requested that home visits be delayed for at least two weeks after admittance to PRC.