How is a Referral Made?

Student Posing by a garden box Inquiries about admission to the Philip J. Rock Center and School can be directed to the Executive Director, Bonnie Jordan: Email Bonnie Jordan

Philip J. Rock Center & School

818 DuPage Blvd.
Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137

(630) 790-2474 or (800) 771-1158 (Voice)
(630) 790-4893 (fax)

The Philip J. Rock Center is located on the Northeast corner of Roosevelt Road (Route 38) and Route 53 in Glen Ellyn. From Roosevelt Road, turn North on Baker Hill Drive and turn left at the Philip J. Rock Center & School private drive.

The following are the Philip J. Rock Center & School Residential Placement Procedures:

1. When inquiry for placement is received, the student's eligibility is confirmed by Service Center/the Illinois DeafBlind Project (ILDBP) (Referral for Eligibility). 

2. Parents/Guardians will visit PRC residential program by scheduling an appointment with the Executive Director (630-790-2474).

3. Once the family decides to continue the PRC residential school process the "Application for Consideration for Placement Form" is completed.

5. Observation of the child will be conducted by at least one representative of the Center or School.  

6. The Principal/Special Education Coordinator will review file with educational staff.

7. The nursing/medical department reviews file to determine any medical contraindications to placement.

8. Multidisciplinary staffing scheduled to determine placement.


If an eligible child is registered as deafblind through ILDBP, has applied and is accepted by the staff at PRC, and residential placement is agreed upon by the Philip J Rock Center and School referral team, tuition is waived for in-state students. Tuition for out-of-state students is determined by the Illinois State Department of Education and is based on the student needs, as identified during the referral process.