Referring for Eligibility and Technical Assistance

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To refer a child or youth for eligibility for Project Reach services, please complete and return this Referral for Eligibility Form (also available in Spanish).  If a child or youth is already eligible for services, and an educator would like technical assistance in a school or other educational environment, please complete and return this Request for Technical Assistance form (also available for Early Intervention requests). If a family would like technical assistance, please use this Family Technical Assistance form available in English and Spanish.  If you have any questions, please contact your Deaf-Blind Specialist, or Project Coordinator Michelle Clyne.

Why is it important to test a young child's vision and hearing?  This fact sheet for parents explains why "Combined Vision and Hearing Loss May Mean More Than You Think".  It is also available in Spanish.

The Philip J. Rock Center is located on the Northeast corner of Roosevelt Road (Route 38) and Route 53 in Glen Ellyn. From Roosevelt Road, turn North on Baker Hill Drive and turn left at the Philip J. Rock Center & School private drive.

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