Philip J. Rock Center and School

A woman is seated with a drawing of a figure “sitting”, and the woman signs “sit”.  A young woman seated across from her is looking at the drawing and also signing “sit”.

The Philip J. Rock Center and School (PRC) serves two distinct functions in providing services to individuals who are deaf-blind.

  • The residential school offers one of the most intensive, comprehensive educational programs available for children who are deaf-blind in the 3- to 21-year-old age group.
  • The Center provides a wide range of services on a statewide basis. Services are provided in schools, medical settings, early intervention centers and homes.

The combined Center and School concept makes possible a program which provides a continuum of services to children who are deaf-blind and their families, as well as limited services to the adults who are deaf-blind.

The Center and School is operated by The Illinois State Board of Education. The primary goal of the Philip J. Rock Center and School is to help people who are deaf-blind achieve maximum independence based on their individual potential.

Our vision is of the community of the Philip J. Rock Center and School, which consists of the parents, educational staff, and support staff, working together so that all students learn the skills needed to become valued and accepted members in their home, local, and future adult communities.
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