The Philip J. Rock Center and School is more than a facility; it is an extended family to parents and their children who live with both hearing and vision disabilities. Devoted staff accompany the kids throughout the day whether on site or at school, constantly working toward the goal of helping each student live as independently as possible according to their personal abilities. The shared vision of "Together for Independence" makes this a reality.

PM Elementary News

Hello Everyone

We are pleased to welcome Anita to the Elementary Classroom. If you see her walking the hallways, please feel free to say hello. She loves for people to greet her and waive hello. She will give you a waive back.

We are so happy to be enjoying the summer weather. We have had our all school field trip to Brookfield Zoo, where the students have been able to see many of the animals we have studied and made artwork of this past month. It was great to also have had Angelina's mom attend this wonderful outing with us. The weather was beautiful and the zoo staff was awesome as usual. They greeted us at the gate and brought small animals out for our students to pet. They also provided us with free entry tickets for the dolphin show, train ride and petting zoo. We will soon be making plans to attend the Fishing Derby the last week of summer school. Every Friday during summer school we try to do different field trips. We recently went to Fox Bowl for some cosmic bowling. Students used adaptive bownling ramps. Jacob made two strikes back to back!

We have been visiting various parks and lakes in the area where the students are encouraged to walk and explore the scenic grounds. On rainy days we go to the mall for dinner. I am so happy to see how Nate has advanced with his signing. He signs to staff that he wants pizza and stands in the line patiently for his order and pays for it. 

Jacob has succesfully moved to the Secondary classroom and is adjusting well. 

We are celebrating that Serena turned four in May and is now walking independently.

We are happy that Angelina is wearing her hearing aid most of the AM and PM shift.

Rasha is wearing her glasses and navigatng through the building and playground with less assistance from staff.

Rose attended camp for 1 week with her family and friends. She is doing a great job with her daily chores.

I hope you stay cool and have lots of summer fun!





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